“Watching her I could tell she possessed a creative mind and a body that can extend itself beyond familiar limits.”

Ohad Naharin

“Beside a control of a good technique she showed to be someone serious at work who did adapt perfectly in my company.”

Maguy Marin

"Your latest choreography, Fragments, left me with a strong impression. I was especially impressed by the integration of your creation with visual art, integration of dance with elements of sculpture which doesn’t receive any expression in contemporary dance usually in the last years. This is a dance that, in my opinion, has to find a way to reach bigger audience in Israel and abroad. I think it can be one of our cultural ambassadors in the world."                                                                                                                              Dani Karavan 

“I find her beautiful, talented and a very promising dancer and choreographer.”

Rina Shenfeld


“Ms. Orni is an original and creative artist, a deeply concern teacher and very reliable colleague. I have internationally followed and coached her work, witnessing her development over the years, into one of Israel’s most promising choreographers. She is engaged in an innovative approach.”

Dr. Ronit Land (RIP)

Dr. Ronit Land

“Her work with our students was highly appreciated by our staff and all students as it was innovative, dynamic and opened to experiment as well as for revisiting the recent tendencies in the field of contemporary choreography.”

Prof. Dr. Sergiu Anghel, Bucharest Cinema and Theatre University

“Orni is an intelligent and serious artist. As a dancer, she had beautiful quality of movement and as a choreographer her work is experimental. I have been always impressed by her dedication and talent as a choreographer.”

Ruth Eshel dance critic and writer

"I recommend the choreographer and multi-disciplinary artist Yael Orni. I watched her latest works and found them fascinating and original. In her works, she researches the linkage between elements of theater, language, visual art and movement which emerges to an authentic personal language of movement while the video-art adds another layer to the creation. The linkage between the dance and the video-art is compound, unique, interesting and holds multiple meanings. Orni is an important Israel artist. Her creation is giving important and meaningful contribution to the Israeli dance and art scene."                                                                Dr. Boaz Tal (RIP)