About Landing

Whilst watching the piece Landing Yael Orni had created, I found myself wondering about many subjects, among them thoughts about relationship or lack of relationship, travelling, passages and existence…The minimalistic design added a lot to the choreography and the video art which deals with African Migrants added an important existential substance to the meaning of the whole show…I recommend warmly to watch the show and follow Orni’s work, out of knowledge that the spectator will come out of it with an unspoken added value and with a lot of thoughts - about one self, about the surrounding- long after the show has ended.  

Doron Brownstein, “Chi Culture”


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About Manuela

“Orni’s piece inverted the familiar, pedestrian world of routine travel into an intelligent reflection of contemporary life. Everyday announcements are manipulated to tragi-comic effect; newsreaders disrupt as well as enrich the dance by offering disturbing information on terrorism and violence, and amidst all this multi-layered chaos of daily life is the feeling of sanity that Orni is able to inject into the choreography. The piece is well-crafted and executed, and even though panning a live camera on the audience in a Blue Man Group-esque way felt like a gimmick, the piece is original and smart overall.”

Dr. Prarthana Purkayastha , Resolution Festival, THE PLACE, London